Water/Oil Separators

Zero parts per million of oil down the drain from your compressed air system condensate.  Nothing goes down the drain!  The centuries old system of distillation removes water as steam vapor with no EPA permitting required.  Every few months concentrated oil is drained and placed in a hazardous waste container for professional removal.

Water/Oil condensate from your compressed air system, air aftercoolers, air dryers, and air receivers are loaded into the Water/Oil Separator’s fill connection.  The Separator automatically turns on when the condensate reaches a high level predetermined by the electronic high level probe, and turns off at a predetermined low level by the low-level probe.  This always assures that the heating element is immersed in the condensate.   If the Water/Oil Separator has more condensate capacity than you need, it will only consume power as needed.  The unit has no moving parts or filters to be replaced!   It is maintenance free! Our process will also separate water from synthetic oil including polyglycol/ester.  The boiling point of water is significantly beneath the flash points of regular or synthetic compressor oils.   There are no detrimental VOC emission, only the concentration of warm oil.

For single or multiple compressed air systems, the condensate is gathered in a 55 gallon plastic drum or larger non-metal type container.  The Water/Oil Separator is supplied with a submergible pump and hose kit which is placed into the plastic drum.  The pump will be automatically turned on and off by the high and low level probes in the Water/Oil Separator as varying distillation levels require.

Model Voltage Amps* Capacity Heater Output Length Width Height
EV200 240VAC, 3PH 25 A 10 GAL 6 KW 2.5 GAL/HR 23 in 25 in 31 in
EV200/2 240VAC, 3PH 50 A 25 GAL 12 KW 5 GAL/HR 27 in 29 in 37 in
EV200/3 240VAC, 3PH 75 A 38 GAL 18 KW 7.5 GAL/HR 30 in 32 in 38 in
EV200/4 240VAC, 3PH 100 A 50 GAL 24 KW 10 GAL/HR 33 in 35 in 41 in
EV400 480VAC, 3PH 13 A 10 GAL 6 KW 2.5 GAL/HR 23 in 25 in 31 in
EV400/2 480VAC, 3PH 25 A 25 GAL 12 KW 5 GAL/HR 27 in 29 in 37 in
EV400/3 480VAC, 3PH 37 A 38 GAL 18 KW 7.5 GAL/HR 30 in 32 in 38 in
EV400/4 480VAC, 3PH 50 A 50 GAL 24 KW 10 GAL/HR 33 in 35 in 41 in
EV400/6 480VAC, 3PH 75A 75 GAL 36 KW 15 GAL/HR 48 in 35 in 41 in

* For installation and wire gauging only!

Other Features and Benefits:

  • Electrical Components
    All electrical components are UL Rated and/or listed.  Meets latest codes.
  • Over Temperature Shut Off
    Condensate boiling temperature is kept between 215 to 230 degrees F which prevents detrimental VOC emissions.
  • Condensate
    Condensate automatic feed circuit is standard on all units, a completely turn-key system.
  • Boiling Tank
    Boiling tank is constructed from 304 stainless steel for longer life
  • Condensate Pump
    Condensate pump load is rated at 120 VAC, 10 Amps max.
  • Disconnect Switch
    On models EV200/3, EV400/3, EV200/4, EV400/4, and EV400/6 main power disconnect switches are supplied with units.  Disconnect switches are part of the control panel assembly.

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